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Deep to Gratitude to all my Guru & Teachers

About me


My aim is to do Gods work through love in my spiritual practices and healings, I am a certified Ascension coach at Twinflames Universe housed by Jeff Divine & Shaleia Maa, my desire is to bring as many  twinflames into harmonious union by healing the separation consciousness to raise the vibration of love. I am also a certified Yoga teacher and a Holistic Healer from Yogasth vidya rishikesh foundation by Sri Yogi Budha Deva. I learnt spirituality and healing for a better positive living for my self, to find my heaven on earth. Now I wish to share this beautiful gift with others, the world is currently in a state of suffering consciousness through illness, loneliness, fight for survival etc... you can chose to change all that in your life through Ascension coaching as the core supported with other healing modalities. I work on every aspect of life from abundance issues, relationships problems, physical health, mental health, and space cleansing.

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