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Its quiet simple, like attracts like, so love attracts all the good in your life. Our conscious brain has only 5% control over your daily actions, your unconscious brain mostly runs like an automated CD which has 95% control over what you do, your thoughts and hence your life. No matter how positively you think or how hard you work, deep down your unconscious patterns remains unchanged. For eg: If you keep attracting lack of money in your life it keeps continuing like a vicious circle no matter how hard you work or how positive you are at a conscious level. It will only change once you access the unconscious and chose to change the lack from there. So how do you do this? Healing is psychology and spirituality. Healing helps you access your unconscious which normally a human can't do by them selves apart from their semi sleep state. Originally all the work your unconscious does for you and the healer/coach works as a Divine Chanel in between. So choose to rewire your Twinflame separation problems, relationships, your abundance health issues in life through the perfect formula called mirroring which is taught in ascension coaching derived from Jeff & Shaleia's work which will help you end all dualities in life and bring you your Harmonious Union with your twinflame, even the aim of doing other complimentary grounding practices in yoga is to balance your Eda (left brain) and Pingla (right brain) Nadis and to keep this body in oneness with sprit so that you can give up on the polarities with in yourself to come into harmony within yourself, so don’t wait! enroll now for an ascension coaching and attract the HEAVEN ON EARTH which you truly deserve.

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“You are your twin flame, so you have the power to manifest your union”


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